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When you team up with JSR Builders, you will observe from the first day of your renovation experience the plan, structure and processes put in place...and why our service is second to none. We deliver on our promise through a number of ways including:
Home Consultation: A home visit on-site to meet with you and discuss your design and renovation ideas
JSR Renovations Proposal: An outline that confirms every detail discussed and agreed to for your upcoming apartment renovation
Project Manager: Responsible for the management of the renovation including supervision of all tradesman and other personnel entering and completing work on your premises
Account Case Manager: Responsible for the management of all the insurances, liabilities schedule of finishes and other paperwork associated with your apartment renovation
Sample Fixtures and Fixtures: A selection of samples you can share with family and friends for opinions on your choice
Estimated Renovation Start and End Dates: So you can plan your next move including tenancy arrangements or when you can move in
Compliance with Strata-By Laws and Council Restrictions: Including operational hours, adherence to noise level restrictions, compliance with dust management and correct handling of rubbish disposal
Public Notice Displays: Up-to-date Displays in common areas to keep all residents and visitors informed about the renovation progress including the necessary contacts for additional information
Dealing direct with The Owners Corporation: Providing the Owners Corporation all the information required to obtain approval on the plans we submit
Keeping all Common Areas cleaned and functional at all times: So we keep your neighbours and visitors satisfied at all times
A Home Warranty Issue: A Legal Document that certifies all works carried out on your apartment renovation
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